25h 8d blogger??

It has been a long time I’ve not write anything in this blog.

I just wanna express my thought about this famous guy

You probably already know him. His comments almost seen everywhere in this world. He wrote almost anything, even not an important one, and the amazing fact is; almost everyday…

I wonder, does he live in the internet? How long does he face his pc just to blogwalking around? Does he go to attend a lecture?

hmm.. if he comment this blog entry, then I guess he knows how to trackback my blog πŸ˜› …


Amazing OC4J

it just another hectic day… hmm.. word ‘hectic’ sounds like a nice word πŸ˜›

Anyway, I’ve just install new application developed many days (months?) ago that should be launched last week. ButΒ  my partner couldn’t get it run on our application server.

This is so weird, because this application was developed and running well on Jetty Web Server.
Fyi, this application is using Tapestry 3 as base framework, equipped with Spring for IOC and Oracle 9i as its database.
The log was clueless, because log from oracle was only shown exception trace. I was blaming tapestry, since this framework is a little bit complicated for me (probably from its event-base design), even it provides simple way to develop your application. I would choose Webwork or Struts 2 instead.

Going deep into its error log (that I finally got from another log written by its wrapper), and after search and trace tapestry source code, I found that the problem was: tapestry could not parsing xml file.Β  Tapestry is using digester that especially depends on xalan and xerces library.

Googling around and around, it made me confusing :(. I found some page inform that it is possible to change oracle default parser by changing java environment in its command like this one. After trying hard, it did not work 😦 . I was starting to blame OC4J already.

And then I start searching on Oracle OC4J web site. Still clueless 😦
Actually, it is boring enough reading through Oracle web site, I found its sitemap is not good to read and the link is too many.. Click, click, and click… but I couldn’t get information that I need.
Unintentionally, my eyes catched by this page, Oracle Application Server 10g (10.1.3) How-To’s and got a link inside it to swap default oracle xml parser into another library.

Following its step by step instructions, and after one bright error deploying this application, a magic thing happen. It works!!! πŸ™‚Β  .
Apache based xml parser library could run into OC4J without disrupting another library as I supposed to be.

Well,Β  I would like to say that OC4J design is so amazing… I found that, you could start up your application in its Web Container with separate libraries to avoid library dependancy collision, even you can detach oracle own library if you think you would not use is. Not so many web container or application server can do that.

Well, I guess this time I must treat my partner, becaus I was praying, if I can solve this problem, I will treat him to have dinner at Mie Factory πŸ˜›

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anunya itu diinikan

It was a hectic day after a tragic day when we did not successfully perform our presentation better. Our trip to Badak this time, we had socialized new application system (actually not new, but upgrade from the old one) to all user at field area, and there will going to be another within this month.

The cause was simple, one of the network links between Jakarta and East Kalimantan was down. So of course the available link was crowded with all data that usually split, divided or shared. And it was all happen while we were demonstrating the application live.
Can you imagine that the application suddenly did not perform as well as we prepared before?
For me, it did not matter, I’m good to excuse and handling such situation if I were performing this presentation πŸ˜› . But for the presenter, panic mode went on.

But after all, the pain was paid. We did successfully presenting our presentation. The night before, me and my team was preparing to move our application and database that were located at Jakarta to Badak, so we could prevent if the link went down again.

Well… that was a good experience for me. Next time I should prepare another plan if anything is not running as well as we want it to be. Such as plan B, plan C … plan Z, plan AB … plan UV, plan UW, and so on… Hmm … it seems like a spreadsheet. πŸ˜€

I’m going to tell another story about how to tell other people what you are thinking about.
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Programmer Personality Test : DLSB

Artinya bukan dan lain sebagainya, tapi singkatan dari Doer, Low level, Solo situation, liBeral programmer.

Berikut ini kutipan dari quiz Programmer Personality Test

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Doa Nabi Musa

“Wahai Tuhanku, lapangkanlah dadaku, mudahkanlah untukku urusanku dan lepaskanlah kekakuan lidahku, supaya mereka mengerti perkataanku”
(QS Thaha [20]: 25-28)

semoga lancar.. amien…

Penipuan berkedok hadiah

Penipuan semakin marak terjadi di Indonesia. Semakin banyak cara yang digunakan oleh para penipu untuk membohongi para korbannya.

Di bawah ini adalah kupon hadiah langsung dalam kemasan deterjen Daia.
Tampak depan adalah gambar mobil yang jelas sekali bukan Toyota Yaris. Tampak belakang berupa cap / logo yang agak kabur dari perusahaan pembuat deterjen ini, Wing Surya.
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Mengapa Nabi Isa tidak punya bapak, dan mengapa Nabi Muhammad tidak memiliki anak laki-laki?

Sekedar wacana tentang dunia Islam yang saya dapatkan dari hasil berguru di beberapa padepokan… hehehe… πŸ˜›

Nabi Isa A.S. tidak punya bapak?

Nabi Isa A.S. terlahir dari perawan suci Maryam a.k.a Maria (perempuan).
Adam tidak memiliki bapak (laki-laki) dan tidak memiliki ibu (perempuan).
Hawa tercipta dari bagian Adam (laki-laki) tanpa adanya campur tangan ibu (perempuan).
Kita, manusia biasa, terlahir dari adanya percampuran antara laki – laki dan perempuan.
Jika Nabi Isa A.S. tidak terlahir, mungkin akan ada pertanyaan dari manusia sekarang ini: “Sanggupkah Tuhan menciptakan manusia hanya dari seorang perempuan??” Read the rest of this entry »