anunya itu diinikan

It was a hectic day after a tragic day when we did not successfully perform our presentation better. Our trip to Badak this time, we had socialized new application system (actually not new, but upgrade from the old one) to all user at field area, and there will going to be another within this month.

The cause was simple, one of the network links between Jakarta and East Kalimantan was down. So of course the available link was crowded with all data that usually split, divided or shared. And it was all happen while we were demonstrating the application live.
Can you imagine that the application suddenly did not perform as well as we prepared before?
For me, it did not matter, I’m good to excuse and handling such situation if I were performing this presentation 😛 . But for the presenter, panic mode went on.

But after all, the pain was paid. We did successfully presenting our presentation. The night before, me and my team was preparing to move our application and database that were located at Jakarta to Badak, so we could prevent if the link went down again.

Well… that was a good experience for me. Next time I should prepare another plan if anything is not running as well as we want it to be. Such as plan B, plan C … plan Z, plan AB … plan UV, plan UW, and so on… Hmm … it seems like a spreadsheet. 😀

I’m going to tell another story about how to tell other people what you are thinking about.

Having listened to the presentation performed by our presenter, I realize that the presenter could not speak his mind better. I don’t mean to offend him, but I take it for myself. The presenter often speaks like this one in Bahasa: “… bla bla bla diinikan” or “ininya itu …” or sometimes never completed his sentence. Maybe I can translate it to English with this kind of sentence: “that thing is being this”.

It did not matter for me, since I understood the topic or the context of this presentation. But for another people, who knows? Will they understand what you are thinking about by saying this or that without explaining this and that?

All I can say, when you perform such presentation, just relax, speak up slowly and clearly, and don’t forget to pray like Moses did!!

In my hometown, especially in Javanese culture, there is one word that magically can be understood by people in any conversation. That word is ANU.
When people on conversation can’t speak what is on his/her mind right away, especially the name of thing, simply he/she will replace it with this word.
I just remember one kind of comics that similar to this culture. Maybe you ever read comic book SMURF. Yes! SMURF.

I have been smurf. This night I have smurf HEROES volume ONE, can’t smurf for the next smurf.
Well.. time to smurf back to work, I smurf get back to sleep. What a pretty smurf: SLEEP.


4 Responses to “anunya itu diinikan”

  1. deku Says:

    are you still at badak ? until when ?
    don’t forget “the fruit hand” ya …

  2. deku Says:

    are you still at badak ? until when ?
    don’t forget “the fruit hand” ya …

  3. gandhi anwar Says:

    hm, badak? where is it? nice to read u’r blog… visit my blog ok! and dont leave without coment! 🙂

  4. ichmoet Says:

    wakakakakak i just wanna LOL after read ur story

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