25h 8d blogger??

It has been a long time I’ve not write anything in this blog.

I just wanna express my thought about this famous guy

You probably already know him. His comments almost seen everywhere in this world. He wrote almost anything, even not an important one, and the amazing fact is; almost everyday…

I wonder, does he live in the internet? How long does he face his pc just to blogwalking around? Does he go to attend a lecture?

hmm.. if he comment this blog entry, then I guess he knows how to trackback my blog 😛 …


4 Responses to “25h 8d blogger??”

  1. Anang Says:

    hi nice to meet u too, aby.. i live in two different worlds, real an unreal.. important and unimportant sides.. bwalk isn’t a must, but write sumthin flying in head as a hobby to pass my desire through a blog.. it’s just like orgasming ourself.. hahaha..

  2. tuteh Says:

    wah… seneng donk Anang; ada yang menulis tentangnya hehehe… met wiken..

  3. izandi Says:

    wah mas anang ke sini juga ya

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