who is aby?

I am just an ordinary one and keep on trying to be …

D70 @ Mt. Gede

My name is Aby Herwendo, you can call me aby

What should I write on this page? I’m just a kinda introvert person.
Just ask me some questions, perhaps I will reply it.
Maybe this blog could tell you more about me..

Eventhough I am such an IT people, you may see my blog is not completely about Information Technology. I love to write about my environment, my surroundings, and all around me.

Furthermore, I love helping people. If you have any problem, just tell me.. maybe I could help you… but of course in some manner that I could and I like to do.
Soon I will update this page. So, comeback sooner and give me your feedback.
If you need any help on some pages or articles (since this blogs may written not just in English or Bahasa Indonesia), just write a comment and I will try to reply it as soon as possible.

If you are looking for my qualification, ummm… should I write a page about my qualification too? 😛

last but not least, hmmm…. hmm… hm… I have no idea 😀

why this page have many if-clause? because I used to be coding….
but I don’t like to be called as coder or programmer, since I can, I like and I want to do more than that… and I just did it! 🙂


19 Responses to “who is aby?”

  1. galih Says:

    salam kenal… 😀

  2. dyah Says:

    sepertinya sy pernah denger nama ini yah…

  3. qq_cantique Says:

    aby an introvert person??? i don’t think so… 🙂

    u can share your opinion in your blogs..that’s show that you are not a kind an introvert person by..

    silent people..perhaps..but u don’t like an introvert person.

    btw, aniwey..nice blogs.. Iwish that i could..but the time is not besides me. 🙂

  4. Ulep (Rusyda) Says:

    Assalaamu’alaikum Abi.

    wah baru tahu kabarnya lagi, aku tahu dari blognya mama Malik, dari sana akhirnya aku tahu blognya yayas, caca, Nitnot. Piye kabare? saiki lagi kuliah apa di UI? sayang ya gak ada yang di Multiply, padahal aku ngeblog di Multiply. Ada chepi, Yuda, Heri, Nana n Ifa lho di MP, yukk pindah ke MP 🙂

    wes ya..apik2 ae ok


  5. joni Says:

    nice to meet u, i just to know this blog from kampung blog.
    I’m new comer in kampung blog, after i sign up, i see u’r blog in sidebar, so i just click it.

    once again, nice to know u. 🙂


  6. Dewi & Atet Says:

    aby introvert person? hmm…itu kayaknya perlu dipertanyaken? hehehe..ga kok by, aby itu one of my best friend, very helpfull and smart..dulu kalo ga ada Aby yang bantuin..pasti ga lulus2..hehe..:D

    Ok deh..have a nice day my friend.
    ditunggu undangannya..oops..:D

  7. ProgonkaOne Says:

    NSU – 4efer, 5210 – rulez

  8. Heri Heryadi Says:

    halo tetangga! salam kenal dari jurusan sebelah 😀

  9. Tanti Says:

    salam kenal,
    melihat ‘tulisan’ Aby d blog ini, aku ada tawaran ni, Tertarikkah untuk menulis artikel untuk sebuah jurnal (ilmiah) teknologi informasi (IT)? klo tertarik langsung hubungi emailku ya.. thx

  10. ario Says:

    salaam kenal…
    Share di blog menunjukkan kita ga introvert ya?
    saya rada mirip sama mas aby.. rada introvert…

  11. nunung Says:

    pas liat judule, gw kira mo ngoms soal *ehmm..mm..* yg byk org pengen tahu…

    ehm…… klo soal introvert, kesan pertama uda keliatan kok by…..


  12. aulia Says:

    nice to meet you..

  13. priandoyo Says:

    salam kenal juga mas

  14. add_ Says:

    nice blog…senang ada orang yang suka berbagi…

  15. adithya Says:

    mas boleh saya minta bantuan nya? tentang excell yang mencari jodoh itu, saya sangat butuh sekali guna kelancaran skripsi saya, tolong dengan sangat mas, terima kasih

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